mixed appetizers

filled crêpe-balls with dip

garlic bread

fried camembert cheese

two small quiches

swiss square alpsalami

white bavarian style sausages

lye pretzel

potato with sauce

mixed salad bowl with a home-made dressing (2 persons on up)

green salad with home-made dressing

mixed salad with home-made dressing

consomme, with omeletstripes

swiss-chickensandwich – chickenbreast with lettuce, onions, pepper, tomato & cheese

crispy cheese basket filled with salad and sauted swiss-chicken

saladsausage with swiss cheese, onions and pickles

hashed potatoes with bacon and onions topped with tomato & cheese

crispy hashed potatoes with fried eggs

hashed potatoes baked with cheese-egg-onion-mixture

pork cordon bleu with dried meat & cheesemix/breadcrumbs

three small pork cordon bleu with different fillings

veal cordon bleu with turkey ham & cheese

thinly sliced swiss chees, with a garnish

vegetable cordon bleu with a cheesefilling and french fries

marinated swiss-chickenskewer hanging from the gallows with potatoes & vegetables

veal meatstripes in a creamy sauce with hashed potatoes

a pork cutlet coated with breadcrumbs served with french fries

tipical veal sausage ca. 160 g with onionsauce and hashed potatoes

deep-fried fish strips (zander) with potatoes-cuts & garlic sauce

fried potato-cuts with garlicsauce

herb butter, fresh market vegetables, crispy baked French fries

herb butter, fresh market vegetables, crispy baked French fries